Shower in a Refrigerator?

Hot water is a good thing! It’s especially good after a few days of waiting for the water supply to thaw and I’m blessed with the opportunity to take a quick shower. It’s always a “quick shower” because the temperature in the bathroom is usually between 34 and 40 degrees (I’ve given up trying to force my readers to learn metric). I can’t depend on a shower opportunity in the morning because the pipes freeze overnight.  I can’t really schedule my time for a shower. When the opportunity presents itself (running water and electricity at the same time), I take it! I walk in to the bathroom and exhale a thick, steamy breath. I begin with the fastest shave known to man, and then the exciting part: hot water shower in a refrigerator! And then use the shared family towel to dry off…quickly! Throw on a dry robe and mop up the floor.

It’s really not so bad! When I’m done, I walk back into the house, and a warm living room. It’s a great feeling! But really, don’t try this at home.


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