More scenes from the village

More pictures from a recent walk around the hood.

I mentioned this classroom display (below) in a previous entry, and I wanted to share it here. I’m feeling very appreciated here. I’m not used to it! I expect some people are skeptical of my motives. I mean, really, why the hell would anyone my age want to teach English in a developing country? I’m not really sure I can answer that question, but I’ve found a new appreciation for life, and the things that really matter.


And now for some pictures of school staff members. There are quite a few missing here, but I’ll probably get them all, eventually.

My host mother, Diana, is also a teacher at the school. She's in the front row, second from the right (wearing black). The huge hand bell is used to signal the end of periods when the electricity goes out.

School principal ("Director")


6 responses to “More scenes from the village

  1. Я помню, в школе где я училась, тоже был когда-то такой же колокол. Но его использовали редко, в конце учебного года – 25 мая)

  2. Looks like a beautiful fall in Zeghduleti! The sun seems warm and inviting. Enjoyed seeing pictures of teachers in school, including the host mother. Hope everyone has a fine weekend. It’s TGIF day in the village of Irvine also!

  3. Carl,
    Do you have the ability to print any photos there? I am sure that some of your subjects, such as the handsome and wise-appearing Director, would appreciate it.
    Do you have a mailing address?
    Love the pig, and the cat, and the rust….
    Keep ’em comin’!

  4. Hey Carl, did the Russians wreck all those buildings i the 2008 war, or did something else cause all that damage. I know the Russians occupied Gori for quite a while but I’m not sure about your village. That must have been an unwanted but exciting time for the locals. Dad

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