Nearing the end of training week

Today we finished our final class of Georgian language lessons. I have a long way to go, but we covered lots of phrases, nouns and verbs. I’ll soon be immersed in the language because tomorrow we’re leaving for our assigned locations! I expect to become more familiar with Georgian than I am with Russian in a very short time. The hardest part for me has been the new alphabet. I really need to force myself to memorize these characters as soon as possible!

I wanted to post pictures of my favorite TLG staff members, Tamara and Nana.


Nana, my Georgian language teacher

I don’t know Tamara’s official title, but I’m pretty sure she’s the boss here at the hotel for TLG staff during training week. I honestly can’t say enough good things about her, so I won’t even try! Suffice to say she’s got an inspirational personality. It seems to me the TLG program is in very capable hands.

Nana has been my Georgian language teacher this week. She’s incredibly patient and thorough with all of us and I will miss her smiling face!

I still don’t know where I’ll be placed, but I’m sure we’ll get the information very soon. I think we’ll all be feeling lots of relief after the last class today. I’m looking forward to the weekend and meeting my host family!


2 responses to “Nearing the end of training week

  1. Первая неделя пребывания в Грузии пролетела для тебя незаметно и впереди у тебя, Карл много работы. Это двойная нагрузка: учить детей английскому и одновременно учиться самому Грузинскому языку. И я уверена ты отлично справишься с этим! Главное чувствовать положительные эмоции от проделанной работы. У детей будет больше перспектив в будущем найти лучшую работу для себя, если они знают английский. Удачи! 🙂

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