Jet Lag

I’ve met so many incredible people, from all over the U.S. and the world. I’ve had meaningful conversations with people from New Zealand, Australia, England, South Africa, and all over the U.S. It’s like nothing else I’ve ever experienced! *Everyone* is intelligent, engaging, deserving of my attention and admiration. Young people between 21 and ?, some are older, but most are college-age. There are so many people I wish I could get to know more deeply, but there’s no time. We have one week together as a group of over 100 native English speakers, and then we’re being dispatched all over this tiny country. A country full of culture and ancient history, art and architecture. I’m so excited, I can hardly think straight. Until recently I thought I was crazy for wanting this adventure, but now I’ve met so many people who have similar interests and curiosities. I feel energized, and if I dare to say it, happy. I’m expecting opposite emotions after this honeymoon, but for now why fight it?

After a 7 hour layover in Istanbul,

Kiosk at Istanbul International, Sept 29

I landed at Tbilisi airport at 2:45 AM Sept. 30, as scheduled.

Tblisi Kiosk, Sept 29

And there was media attention, although very small amount, it was still a kick. I took some pictures of the media who wanted to get pictures of me, as “revenge” I suppose, because I don’t feel like I deserve any attention for what I’m doing.

TLG and Media Crew


Maybe I’ll feel differently in a few months, but for now the idea of teaching English in Georgia seems like something anyone should consider if they want to be a teacher.

Participants of TLG landing at Tblisi Airport, Sept. 30

There’s a very interesting lady who earned her Doctorate in Education, and a lot of other accomplishments, but has made the personal decision to be here, teaching kids in Georgia, despite a meager salary and humble living conditions. She has my respect because there are a lot of other opportunities available to her, but here she is, earning just $250 a month in a developing country, enjoying the fellowship like anyone else who may not possess as many valuable qualifications. I asked her why she doesn’t look for other opportunities with better pay because there are so many job listings for someone with her qualifications. Her response was pretty simple and it empowered me.  The TLG program is an outstanding government initiative, and deserves the attention of anyone who wants to make a difference in the lives of young people living in a developing country.

On a personal note, I think I’ve made some real friends in a short time. I hope  we can stay in touch after the orientation. It seems there are very few who have decided to stay until June, but I’m really happy to be here, and I hope my enthusiasm continues to grow.

Tomorrow, I hope to have the chance to be a tourist in Tbilisi. There is so much to see in this beautiful country, and not enough time to see all of it. It feels really good to be in a social environment again!




5 responses to “Jet Lag

  1. Интересно было читать,спасибо:) В аэропорту было СМИ. Классно!! У тебя брали интервью?

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