I love my family

I don’t really have my own family in the traditional sense–no wife, no children, but I do have two sisters (Susan & Carol), a brother (Stuart), and lots of nieces and nephews. I live with my sister (Susan), my brother-in-law (David), and their two adopted children (Aruzhana & Dosym–from Kazakhstan). Susan & David have two more children, all grown up and living on their own. Their natural born son (Peter) lives in New York, and their daughter (Lindsay) lives in Santa Cruz.

I went to Dosym’s soccer game at 5pm and enjoyed watching him immensely. He’s such a tremendous athlete. I’ll miss watching him play!

My brother-in-law’s-brother (Tom) lives a short distance from us, and today was his birthday. My niece (Lindsay) will be celebrating her 23rd birthday on Sept 13th, so everyone was invited for dinner! We had a few toasts of wine, and we ate a delicious dinner and then some birthday cake.  I’m feeling pretty emotional during all of this, trying to soak it in. I love my family, and I feel their love for me. David gave a toast for birthdays, and another for my crazy idea to leave the country. David is more than a brother-in-law. He’s my friend. And lately he’s been my best friend.

My niece (Lindsay) lives with her boyfriend (Max), so he came to the party, and I was glad to see he brought his guitar. It was getting late, and almost everyone went to bed, but Susan insisted that I get out my guitar. We stayed up a few more hours and played some music together. Lindsay on piano, Max and I played guitar. The time we spent together was magical, and I know I’ll keep the memory for a long time. I love those kids with all my heart. I’ve always been close with Lindsay, so my heart is full, and I feel ready to take on the world!


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